Look at the ingredients. This is most likely the most vital thing that you can do. Don’t think you can neglect the ingredients just because it is only a treat. Keep in mind that treats play a vital role in the diet of the dogs. You want to search for all organic or natural healthy treats for small dogs. They must be created with organic or natural ingredients. Make sure to look for treats that are created with whole grains such as brown rice or oats and a single source of protein like beef or chicken. The first few ingredients are the most vital and they make up the bulk of the treat. Be certain that it is not fat or sugar which is not healthy for your dog.

Calorie count – be certain that you look at the calories for the treat of your dog. An overweight dog is not a healthy dog and you will end up paying more money in the vet bills later on if you will indulge your dog with these fatty treats. Thanks to God, a lot of healthy dog treats take the calorie count into account and as a result, most are low in calories and fats.

Texture – this may not seem so vital and indeed the calorie count and ingredients are more vital with regards to choosing an organic or healthy dog treat. On the other hand, the texture is certainly worth mentioning. A hard or a firmer treat is a lot better for the dental health of your dog in contrast to the soft treat. When the dogs would chew on these hard treat, they are also reducing the buildup of plaque around their teeth. With this being said, the senior or older dog may have a harder time with the hard treats. And if this is the case for your dog, then a softer healthy dog treat is the best choice for him.

And no matter what kind of treat you give to your dog, the ingredients are the most vital thing you should take into account. It is worth repeating here. Be certain that the treats are created with organic or natural ingredients and contain no by-products. If you want to steer clear of dog treats that have meat, there are a couple of great peanut dog butter treats and vegetable or fish dog treats that you can choose from.


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